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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

For years I’ve been the “behind the scenes” silent creator whose main job was to create and support beautiful brands. I was (and still am) the person who is sought out when a business or entrepreneur needs relevant, engaging and visually appealing designs to support their brand. Over the years I’ve learned so much about business branding and creating a successful brand image.

A few years back I had a revelation and learned the key to stunning and effective brand imaging. Prior to this revelation, I was just your run of the mill graphic designer creating designs to meet the client’s specifications. Mind you, I was an above average designer and all of the technical skill was there. There was just something missing. This often frustrated me because I would create exactly what the client said they wanted, but still somehow fell short upon delivery of the project. After countless revisions I would get somewhat in the vicinity of what the client found acceptable.

So what changed? How did I get over this hump of customer dissatisfaction? Well, I came to realize that the client didn’t always know what they wanted. Business owners are busy people and do not always have the time to research the current trends. They were not always aware of what was visually appealing for their industry; all they knew was what they thought they wanted massively missed the mark. It wasn’t until I started to research the industries of my clients that I realized there was a whole world of information on color selection, image creation and the specific elements that attract the people looking for specific things to their desired industry! Knowing what was visually compelling to the potential clients of my clients made it so much easier to effectively create branding materials for them!

Now, every time I get a design request, I do my homework! After researching the specific industry of my client, I take my “professional recommendations” back to them and although sometimes, they are set in their ways and want to stick with their exact specifications, most often they are intrigued and excited that they’ve connected with someone willing to research their business and provide a more customized experience. Often times, they admit to not knowing what they want and even rely on me to come up with something for them! This means, I NEED to know my stuff and because I do, I end up delivering exactly what they wanted by tapping into what they didn’t know they needed. If they have a color scheme that has not proven to be successful in targeting potential clients in their industry, I am up front with them and let them know. If an image or tagline they are using is likely to make their clients run to their competitor, I let them know. I am more than just a graphic designer now; I am a Business Branding Expert!

After being the behind the scenes gal and supporting the brands of many business and entrepreneurs, I have decided to step into the light and share my knowledge and expertise with the world! I strongly feel that I would be doing those who would benefit, a disservice by keeping these strategies to myself. One of my biggest desires is to help entrepreneurs and business owners, but I’ve never known how. I’ve struggled with feeling that I do not have anything of value to give, but seeing that my methods have proven to be effective for dozens of businesses, I know without a doubt, I have knowledge and solutions that can positively influence any business or individual looking to brand themselves. I look forward to helping businesses, entrepreneurs and other graphic designers learn how to create effective and engaging brands!

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