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4 Things to Consider When Creating a Successful Brand Image

1. Your Industry

  • Don't be afraid of research - RESEARCH is key

  • Determine what the end user expects and mirror the expectation with your image

  • Couple uniqueness with what the potential client feels “comfortable with”

2. Colors

  • Learn what colors are acceptable for your industry

  • Learn why are colors important

  • Learn what each color means

3. Brand Image (logo)

  • Figure out what images your potential clients expect from a company like yours

  • Learn why it's important to strategically choose your brand imaging and not base it on your personal preferences or feelings

4. Messaging

  • Evaluate your current messaging - Is your current message based your personal feelings or industry perception?

  • Learn what are words or phrases your specific audience is captivated by (what drives them to BUY?)

Who would be interested in a training series that dives into each of these four points? Hit me on Facebook, Linkedin or shoot me an email at laciconsults@gmail.com. If I have enough interest, I will put something together for you guys!

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