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Why I switched from HTML to designing with Wix

The Switch

I would and do recommend Wix to all of my clients. I build Wix websites for my clients all the time. I used to code HTML, but it was time consuming and difficult to get the media rich look my clients were looking for. There's no more switching back and forth from code to preview! With the drag and drop platform, you can put your elements anywhere you want on the page in a matter of seconds!

Biggest Benefit

The most impactful benefit of going with Wix is that once I've designed the site, I can easily turn it over to the client for management. Coding requires that the client contact the designer for EVERY little change needed and in this fast pace world of the internet, people want to change or update their websites all the time. In fact, I recommend they do it at least once a month! Imagine having to pay a skilled designer every time you wanted to switch out a picture. Of course I encourage my clients to come back to me if they lack the time or skill needed to make the changes they want, but Wix makes the process easier for me as the designer and the client.

Less Restrictions

You are also not restricted to up and down frames on Wix. You can literally place any element anywhere on the page! The editing capabilities allow me to be more creative and create the site exactly how the client wants it, without limitations.

Direct Integrations - No more 3rd Parties

I also enjoy the Shoutout (email marketing) features. You can run automated campaigns and don't have to use a third party site like Mail Chimp to send out your email campaigns. They also have the same type of setup with invoicing. You no longer have to use sites like Paypal because Wix has integrated an invoicing system in the back office of the site. The features are far greater than what you would get with a coded site and you have all of the tools and templates necessary to create a really great looking site.

The list as to why I choose Wix could continue, but I'll save that for another blog post! Moral of the story is.... I choose Wix for all of my website needs!

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