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2017 Font Do's & Don'ts

In today's age of digitization and social media, we rely on more than just printed publications to receive information. More so now than ever, we are constantly bombarded with an overload of ads, posts and images. This being the case, businesses must adapt! One of the key ways to ensure your content stands out is to select the right fonts and text arrangements.

Two Fonts I Would Never Recommend Using

Times New Roman

Although you might think Times New Roman is classic and timeless, to many readers, it appears old, dull and outdated. The time of Times New Roman has passed SO let's just go ahead and retire this font.

Unless you are writing a newspaper (and even then, readers like myself might cringe!) you should avoid this selection. Let's face it, with the broad selection of serif typeface fonts to choose from these days, Times New Romans is downright mediocre and outdated.

A great alternative that I love is the Cambria font. It is my go to serif for emails, professional documents and business letters. I would not recommend using this font for logos, flyers or marketing collateral, however.


Never, ever, ever, ever use this font! This is arguably the worst font ever created! For reasons unknown, a few years back, there was an influx of businesses who wanted to put this font on every single piece of marketing collateral they created. Please, stay away from this horrid font! Truly, I feel my main "beef" with this font is that it looks ammeter and unprofessional. So unless you're trying to look like a total newbie in the business world, I'd suggest leaving this one alone!

Because this font is so heinous, I have no alternatives to suggest. I strongly believe if there are any fonts out there that look similar to this one, you should stay as far away from them as you can!

Great All Purpose & Decorative Fonts


This is a free sans font that if you don't have installed on your computer, you need to! This font works great as block text in all caps for presentation or for general use in documentation!

Something To Note

Writing in ALL CAPS is not recommended when you are:

  • Writing a sentence

  • Composing a paragraph

  • Replying in an online forum

  • Creating Corporate Documentation

You will want to refrain from using all caps for general purposes. All caps is effective for ad creative when displaying one or two keywords relating to the advertisement of your product or service and looks great as block text! It should be used as a visual element to draw the attention of the viewer and not as a standard writing practice. When you write in all caps, it gives the sense that you are yelling, and overall looks unprofessional. WOULD YOU WANT MY BLOG POST TO BE WRITTEN ENTIRELY LIKE THIS? If it was, it would be impossible to place emphasis on any part of your article.


This is a super popular script font. Typically, I don't gravitate towards the most popular fonts because they tend to be overused and unimpressive, but this font is so cool, that even I overuse it! It seems to get the job done every time! People gravitate towards this font; especially millennials! I would recommend using this font for advertising only. This font is meant to be the focal point of your flyer or online ad. Do not write full paragraphs or reports with this font! This font works best within specific industries such as fashion, boutique, spiritual, etc. This font would not work well for you if you own a corporate IT company, a staffing firm, an EH&S company, etc.Note: There are tons of other fonts that are similar to this font and are really awesome fonts! Most are free to download.

Effective & Captivating Text Arrangements

Knowing not only what fonts to use, but how to arrange your text is critical when creating any piece of marketing collateral, whether it be for print (flyers, data sheets, brochures, business cards, etc) or web (email marketing template, social media posts, etc) output. Here are a few techniques I use regularly that work really well!

Block Text

Block text works great for social media post and online presentation. This is a technique of stacking your words (most often in all caps) on top of one another and sizing them so that each word is the same length. You can size them two different ways. You can leave the font size consistent throughout all words and simply space out the letters of the shorter words or you can make the font of the smaller words bigger to make them the same length as the longer words.

Boxed Text

Boxed text is a great way to highlight any super important textual elements that you want the viewer to gravitate towards! I encourage you to experiment with solid, transparent and outlined boxes!

Staggered Text

Staggered text is probably the most common way to present text. However, that doesn't mean it has to be boring! Finding creative ways to display staggered text is pretty simple. I recommend playing with font types, styles and sizes.

I cannot stress how important exploring different text options are! Nailing your font style, placement, and composition can make or break your online or print ad. It can be your potential client's determining factor when deciding whether or not to click to your website or pick up the phone and call to inquire about your product or service! As always, please feel free to message me or reach out to me with any questions!

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