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3 Things All Employers Should Consider When Hiring

We all know the hiring process can be tedious and despite the growing belief that resumes are no longer relevant, anyone applying for a job is submitting them and employers are definitely still looking at them!

So what should employers be looking for when reviewing resumes? A resume alone will not constitute the abilities of your prospect, however; you can immediately weed out the candidates who just aren't a fit by considering the following three things:


Is the document formatted well? Does it look professional? Is the font easy to read? You can typically get a feel for how well someone uses a word processor by how their resume is composed. Those who go out of their way to ensure the document is professional, consistent and crisp, typically value attention to detail. This is a good sign!


Does the applicant use full sentences in their objective statement? Is the language used, clear and concise? Is there written communication grammatically correct? Do they use proper punctuation? When reviewing resumes, I typically omit any that have clearly not been proofread. I also pay attention to sentence structure and whether or not they are using the correct tense. A lot of people struggle with this! This lets me know whether or not I can count on them to communicate professionally with clients.

Job History

Do they give detailed explanations of the tasks performed in their previous positions? Were they entrusted with sensitive information? Were they relied upon to perform crucial tasks? When an applicant goes out of their way to provide in depth detail of their successes in their previous positions, it lets me know that they take pride in their work. When they’ve previously been given important tasks and performed at a high level, it is likely that they will be a great asset to your company and can be trusted with high level tasks!

For more information on perfecting the hiring process, feel free to reach out to me directly via email at laciconsults@gmail.com.

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