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Rebranding Basics

Should I Rebrand?

Are you considering rebranding? Are you unsure as to whether your company needs to rebrand? If you’re not sure if a rebrand is needed, chances are it’s not. If you’re just looking to refresh your look or update your logo to something a little more modern, take your name off the rebrand list. Companies who rebrand just for the sake of rebranding appear to be fickle and lacking in stability. Consumers trust a brand who can commit to their brand identity and core values.

So, what would be the requirements for actually needing to rebrand? Typically, businesses rebrand if they have undergone a companywide restructure or are under new ownership. A rebrand symbolizes an “out with the old and in with the new” transition.

I’ve Established I Need to Rebrand – Am I Ready?

Determining whether your company is truly ready to start the rebranding process can be quite tricky. This is the stage of the process where you, as a business owner, must get all the way real with yourself. In this process you must dig deep to identify operational flaws, customer service gaps and other structural deficiencies.

Online reviews and customer feedback are very telling and should be highly considered in the process of identifying what may have gone wrong operationally. Your clients are in the best position to notify you of any insufficiencies in the way you do business, as they are objective third parties and simply want their product and/or service delivered as promised.

Keep in mind that in the process of identifying your company’s short comings, that fixing these issues may require you to start at the top. Often times, poor management leads to poor production. You must be willing to take a long hard look at yourself as a leader and the leaders you’ve put into management positions. You must also be willing to change your behavior, if needed, and replace leaders within your company who are unwilling to change habits of poor leadership. This type of transparent reflection requires that you check your ego at the door. If you, or any of your leadership staff, are pushing your own agendas or are on some kind of power trip, you’re not ready to rebrand. The goal isn’t to just look different, but to be different.

Avoid the “Same ol’ Same”

If you’ve done the structural work and you’re gearing up to present your business as new and improved, you want to insure you’re not just revamping your existing look, but drastically changing your brand identity. This not only means in the way that your logo and marketing collateral look, but also in the commitments you make to your clients. Own your past and let your clients know that there’s a new sheriff in town!

Start with reviewing your company vision. What commitments will you make to your clients moving forward? How can you ensure no concern falls through the cracks? All of your correspondence and marketing materials should reiterate this commitment to your clients. You will not only want to deliver a different message, but you will want to look different. Using a logo that too closely resembles your old logo could give your clients the impression you’ve not really changed. A completely new look lets people know they can expect new things from your company!

Focus on Customer Service

Once you’ve presented the new you to the public, you will want to continue to focus on extraordinary customer service. One of the biggest reasons companies find themselves needing to rebrand is because they’ve put a bad taste in the mouths of their consumers by falling short in the service department. One of the ways you can confirm all employees are on point, is by performing regular audits to ensure work is performed properly and customers are being serviced at the highest level possible. You will also want to make sure you have a quality product or service. You will never evade customer service issues if what you’re selling isn’t up to par. Support your clients before, during and after the purchase and never sell them anything they don’t need!

Are you still considering rebranding? If you are, I hope I’ve provided you with valuable information that will help you through the process! Please feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions! I can be reached at laciconsults@gmail.com.

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