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Backseat Branding

What is Backseat Branding? This is where you let the thoughts and opinions of unqualified individuals (such as family, friends, haters or internet trolls) determine how your brand should look and feel. DO NOT fall victim to backseat branding!

I’ll give you a few examples:

  1. Your childhood best friend says she doesn’t understand why you’re always posting photos of yourself on social media and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your business. She’s "pretty sure you’re just posting all of these photos to get attention". Ummm… okay Nancy, well you don’t have to understand it… f*ck all the way off!

  2. A family member says something to the effect of “since when are you into health and fitness??… that’s odd, but okay… Do you really think you should be the one trying to teach people about fitness?... Didn’t you used to eat like 8 McDonalds cheeseburgers in rapid succession when you were a kid?” First of all, it was 39 cent cheeseburger Sunday so there’s that… and holy f*ck!! Do I look like I’m still 10 years old… let that sh*t go!

  3. (This one ACTUALLY happened to me) Some rando on the internet comments on a post where I shared a a podcast episode, "Shut the f*ck up, b*tch!" Initially, my throat chakra was offended AF, but I don't even know this loser... soooo zero f*cks!

Oftentimes the people closest to you will be the ones who offer what I like to call “negative support”... This is where they go out of their way to let you know they don’t support what you’re doing and I’m not justifying it, but there’s a reason for this and it typically stems from their own internal thoughts about themselves… a few reasons are

  • They are holding on to a past version of you. They still see you as the kid jamming 10 cheeseburgers down their throat (or whatever the past version of you looks like to them)

  • They don’t see you as qualified (oftentimes because they’re holding on to a past version of you)

  • As a result they go out of their way to nitpick anything you go public with because it doesn’t fit the version of you they are comfortable with

And the trolls who we don't know... well, haters gon' hate, so middle fingers up to all the randos desperately seeking your attention!

Whether someone you know or someone you don't... This is a THEM problem, not a YOU problem.

BUT… many people don’t recognize when this is happening to them.. So what are the warning signs?

  • You start questioning yourself, your brand and your business

  • You get sad because the people who are supposed to get it, just don’t get it

  • You start to question your capabilities and your worth

  • You consider giving up on your passion

  • OR worst of all you run your business in a state of people pleasing and change your branding to match what makes them comfortable and lose your vision and passion in the process

So when this happens, what should you do instead?

  • Tell the nay sayers to fuck off… well maybe not like that, but politely explain that you understand that they don’t get what you’re doing… and that’s okay, but they don’t have to get it. Make it clear that you’re going to continue to build your brand YOUR WAY. Listen, you don’t need their permission to be a total badass and make a shit ton of money. If it were up to them, your dreams would never be realized.

  • Don’t change your strategy or brand content just because some unqualified non-expert dogged you out. What the fuck do they know anyway?

  • Yes… you can continue to love them, hangout with them and treat them like the family and friends that you adore. All I’m saying is to establish healthy boundaries so that you don’t allow them to make you feel like shit about yourself or your business.

  • Are you confident in your abilities and your business? Hell yes you are… so do the damn thing and put the bullshit on the back burner… you have the ability to not let it get to you and YOU choose how you react and how you FEEL.

  • If you need help with your branding, turn to a friend or professional that is actually qualified to give you sound advice and quality services. Shit… DM me! I’ll tell you how fucking boss you are or can be, but seriously guys, it doesn’t have to be me, but if you need help, go to the ones who can actually help.

I hope you got so much value from this post and as always, I'm here to help. Feel free to reach out on my website, insta or via email (links below)!




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