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Is searching for clients wearing you out?

Do you feel like you’re constantly on the hunt for clients? Spinning your wheels trying to identify the next scheme or gimmick to convince people to buy something from you? Flooding strangers DMs with your pitches only to get ignored or even worse, blocked?

There's a better way!

The goal is for clients to find you so that you don’t have to constantly be on the hunt for clients.

So what’s the difference between finding clients and clients finding you? Finding clients comes from a space of desperation and the energy you give off while in this state repels your audience, which is the opposite effect of what you truly want. To the contrary, clients finding you comes from a space of confidence in knowing that your brand is aligned to attract those who resonate with the vision and purpose of your brand.

Let’s dive into the actions behind each scenario.

Finding Client Actions - Actions you take in an effort to find clients

A lot of us engage in these without even realizing that they aren’t really helpful:

  • Social media “pitching” posts

  • Blowing up the DMs (super cringy & a HUGE turn off)

  • Lack of interest in the needs of your prospects

  • Constantly justifying the price of your product or service

  • Offering ridiculous discounts to “close the sale”

  • Trying to convince people they need your products or services

Not only are these actions not helpful, but they often yield the exact opposite of your desired result, which is to sell your product or service.

Client Finding Actions - Actions you take to help clients find you

  • Focus on creating visually appealing social media content

  • Utilize brand psychology to ensure the colors, shapes and other visual elements you’re putting out there resonate with your target audience and meet industry standards

  • Instead of pitching, provide value. Give industry related advice that’s useful to your target audience or that solves a problem that they have. This will position you as the expert and let people know they need you without you having to convince them

  • Ensure your brand messaging is clear and concise. Make sure you’re using language that is understood by your audience and includes industry related words and phrases that are easily identifiable as something highly desired by your target market.

  • If you’re running a sale or offer a standard discount to those who purchase multiple products or services, then okay that’s cool, but DO NOT drop your prices in response to case by case price objections. Stand firm in knowing your value and be willing to let the potential client walk away if they don’t also value you.

  • Don’t DM unless someone DMs you. Email prospects instead with something of value or a freebie to get them into your sphere and at some point many of them will come to you for what they need when they need it

  • Lastly, be authentic. Most people have a fake-o-meter that detects when you’re trying to be something you’re not and this leaves them super turned off from whatever it is you’re offering. Be authentic and be you! Trust that you’re good enough and that what you’re selling is good enough!

For more insight into how to position your brand to have clients finding you as opposed to hunting down clients, check out my latest podcast episode HERE!

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